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Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Discovery is at the heart of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Faculty and students are engaged in discovering new knowledge, inventing new technologies and applying knowledge to solve problems throughout the community and around the world.

Ranked 6th in National Institute of Health funding, the School receives more than $8.5 million in total research funding per year and is a national leader in the research enterprise.


Students pursing their bachelor's degree in nursing have the opportunity to work with experienced scientists on ongoing research projects. The goal is to promote research in nursing at the undergraduate level and support students working towards graduate degree programs. Opportunities include:

  • Research Honors Program
  • Minority Global Health Disparities Research Program

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Exceptional opportunities for nurse scientists interested in cardiovascular health and the causes, effects and prevention of violence in the family. Students work closely with faculty through intensive research projects.  Opportunities include:

  • Interdisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Health Research
  • Interdisciplinary Research Training On Violence in the Family

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As a research intensive university, Johns Hopkins is committed to having faculty and students engage in discovery of knowledge, inventing new technologies, and applying knowledge in the community and abroad. The School of Nursing offers a variety of post-doctoral opportunities to students eager to engage in this process. Opportunities include:

  • Blaustein Fellowship in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Research
  • Fellowship in Aging
  • Fellowship in Global Health and Gender-Based Violence
  • Interdisciplinary Research Training on Violence in the Family
  • Interdisciplinary Training Program in Biobehavioral Pain Research

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