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Forensics for Healthcare Professionals

Grace W. Ho
"At the School of Nursing, we get a lot of attention, a lot of faculty support."
Grace W. Ho, BS ’09, RN

After volunteering in two child abuse clinics, Grace W. Ho "really wanted to understand" the long-term effects of child abuse and corporal punishment, so she decided to pursue a career in forensic nursing.

At Johns Hopkins, Ho has studied how parents draw the line between corporal punishment and child abuse...

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Following the Evidence

If you are seeking fast-paced environments and your professional interests include protecting victims' rights and dignity, assisting their physical and emotional recovery, preserving the chain of evidence, and providing legal testimony expertise, these on-line courses are for you. With unique access to high-caliber Hopkins resources and faculty, Johns Hopkins provides intense, comprehensive educational opportunities not found elsewhere.

Those who take courses in forensic nursing:

  • Conduct advanced forensic nursing assessments of inflicted trauma
  • Assess and document various forms of family, elder, and intimate partner abuse and neglect
  • Collaborate with criminologists, members of the justice system, and related healthcare professionals
  • Demonstrate expertise in comprehensive emergency and disaster preparedness
  • Serve in roles such as forensic or sexual assault nurse examiner, medicolegal death investigator, crisis intervention screener, correctional nursing specialist, or expert medical witness

Possible Courses Include:

Spring Semester
Global Focus


Please e-mail to learn more and inquire about course availability.

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